Yin Yoga Immersion

A deepening course into the inner world of Yin Yoga.


On the immersion deepening course, you will gain experience with all the fundamental Yin yoga postures and their variations. The deepening helps you, in a calm and quiet manner, to feel the effects of the postures and the presence. You reach a special and deeper layer. Not only in your physical body but also in your mind.


  • The immersion course is for those who are drawn to Yin Yoga and want to learn more.
  • The immersion course is for those who love Yin Yoga and want a deeper experience.
  • For those preparing for a Yin Yoga training.
  • The immersion course is for you who is consideren a education within Yin Yoga.
  • The immersion program is for you who want to prepare for participation in the Yin Yoga education
  • The immersion program is for you who are drawn to Yin Yoga but have not practiced long enough to feel prepared for participation in the Yin Yoga education.
  • The immersion program is for you who have a lot of experience with Yin Yoga but want to get to know teaching and their approach to Yin Yoga before starting on a education.
  • The immersion program is for you who are not yet sure if you dare to embark on a longer and deeper journey, like the Yin Yoga teacher education.
  • The immersion program is also for you who know that the more experience you have before starting the yoga teacher education, the faster and easier it will be for you to start teaching your own students

“Yin Yoga is simple, but simple does not mean easy.”
― Bernie Clark, The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga: The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga

A Yin Yoga Immersion program is for you who wish to immerse yourself in Yin Yoga, in your body, and in your mental and physical well-being. It is also a preparatory program for those who wish to pursue a Yin Yoga teacher education afterward.

Yin Yoga is a gentle yoga practice with significant effects — not only on the physical body but also on the energetic body. In this Yin Yoga Immersion, you slow down each time. We spend 3-6 minutes in each Yin Yoga posture during the two-hour immersion class.

Although Yin Yoga is a gentle yoga practice, it has a significant effect — not only on the physical body but also on the mental and energetic body. A Yin Yoga practice helps build energy. The more energy that flows in the body, the more surplus is available for transformational processes, both emotionally and mentally.

In practice, Yin Yoga is a gentle invitation to pay attention to the body and mind. Over time, it enables you to connect with everything experienced in the body — energy flows, emotions, and thoughts.

Deepening into Yin Yoga can be challenging at times, so a friendly, loving, open, and curious approach is important. With that approach, we learn to meet ourselves and be with what is happening inside. Gradually, the challenges transform into valuable experiences that can contribute to more presence, peace, and joy in everyday life and in life as a whole.

Yin Yoga is based on Chinese knowledge of Chi (life energy). Chi can stagnate in various parts of the body and create blockages. These blockages are created by the way we use – or don’t use – the body. They are formed by thoughts we think, emotions we try to avoid, and experiences we’ve had throughout life. Yin Yoga has the potential to release these blockages so the body opens up, and Chi begins to flow, creating a sense of well-being that makes the body and mind more flexible and alive.

The various Yin Yoga positions are simple but not necessarily easy to be in. The intention behind this immersion is for you to delve deep and experience the many positions and variations of Yin Yoga, feeling their impact on the body and mind.
Should you choose to continue on the Yin Yoga teacher education afterward, this is an opportunity to delve deeper and build upon your personal experience with the theory of the subject. All of this can be applied when, in practice on the training, we engage in conveying and teaching Yin Yoga.


Time and place

Senses Vesterbro
Sommerstedgade 5B
1718 København V

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