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Hvad lægger du vægt på i din undervisning?

I emphasize the connection and acceptance we each have to ourselves. I believe from a stronger acceptance and loving connection to ourselves, we can be more accepting, tolerant and loving to those around us. The classes I teach are very physically focused, but I like to take those gaps between asanas to inject some focus on mental wellbeing; and my hope is that each student walks away with results that positively affect them physically and mentally for the better.

Hvad ønsker du dine elever skal tage med sig fra en klasse med dig?

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

-Maya Angelou

After one of my classes I hope the students walk away with a good feeling. I strongly believe in the benefits of yoga, but if you don’t enjoy your time it’s hard to stay motivated long enough to get those benefits. A regular and consistent, yoga practice will give your body and mind what it needs, so I hope that my classes can facilitate that for as many students as possible.

Hvad kan du særligt godt lide ved Senses?

There are many locations, a wide range of classes, a peaceful environment, lovely people, so there is a lot to like from the Senses Studios.

Hvad motiverer dig til at undervise?

I really enjoy the layers to yoga, how it can be very physical but also mindful. For myself I know it’s very important to use my body for all the health benefits, but the mental benefits are what keep me coming back, and I love seeing that joy and satisfaction among the students who attend my classes.


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