Body SDS Basic training

Try Body SDS Basic training at Senses Vesterbro


Get ready for 60 minutes of intensive training for your entire body.

Maybe you’re familiar with Body SDS as a treatment method, but did you know about Body SDS as a form of exercise? Body SDS is a recognized treatment system with a complete basic training series. You can now try it at Senses Vesterbro on four Thursdays in November.

In a Body SDS Basic Training, we work with the entire body and all its muscle and joint groups. We start by focusing on the feet and move all the way up through the body. The training emphasizes the correct use of muscles, and we work on both conditioning, strength training, and releasing tension in the body. It will be intense, challenging, warm, and fun.

Your instructor, Line Skytte, is an authorized Body SDS Body Therapist with a 3-year education background.


Among the benefits of Body SDS Basic Training are:
– Increased energy
– More flow in the body
– Reduced tension
– Increased mobility in all joints of the body
– Improved posture
– Stress reduction
– A stronger body

Body SDS Basic Training classes are included in all ongoing memberships if they are within the timeframe of your membership. If you use a punch card, they cost a single punch, just like regular classes.

Remember to book your spot in advance. You can do this through our app, Senses Booking, or via the schedule here.

Senses Vesterbro

Dates and times: Thursday, November 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd from 18:00 to 19:00
Instructor: Line Skytte


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