Open house with free classes

Visit one of our studios on Monday, October 9th, where we are hosting an open house. You can book a FREE class on the day. We welcome you in both the morning and evening and look forward to seeing you.

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World Mental Health Day

Tuesday, October 10th is World Mental Health Day. At Senses, we celebrate the day with a special evening class at each studio. Look forward to yoga nidra in Frederiksberg, calm and restorative yoga in Nørrebro, and mantra meditation in Vesterbro.

Four-week Reformer program

Get started with reformer training. Reformer training is both effective, versatile, and gentle exercise for the whole body with a particular focus on strengthening the core and back. If you’re new to reformer or need support and motivation to start training, our intensive reformer programs are for you.

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Senses is your space for calm, contemplation, and individualized training.

We combine ancient yoga traditions with the latest training concepts from New York, providing you with a positive and personalized training experience that indulges all senses.
We look forward to welcoming you.


Open house with free classes

Open house with free classes

We are having an open house on October 9th. Come and join a free class, explore our cozy studios, and get a chance to win a ten-class punch card for Senses.

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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

The 10th of October is International Mental Health Day. We’re marking the day with a special class in each studio. Read about them here.

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Theme classes at Senses

Theme classes at Senses

Read this months theme classes here. See what your local studio has to offer or get inspired to visit one of the other Senses studios.

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Welcome to the warmth of Senses in Copenhagen

Are you looking for your new sanctuary with diverse training and a cozy atmosphere? Then you’ve come to the right place. Senses is your oasis in Copenhagen – you can find us in Frederiksberg, Nørrebro and Vesterbro. We offer various forms of yoga and hot yoga, as well as a range of modern training concepts, including Barre training and Reformer. With our own Senses Cardio Core on the schedule, we are also the only yoga studio in Copenhagen that allows you to do cardiovascular training in the same place where you practice yoga. We draw inspiration from both traditional and contemporary training concepts, ensuring you get varied training when you practice yoga in Copenhagen. We always prioritize quality in teaching and provide a pleasant and comfortable environment for our members.


Explore our many types of classes

Are you dreaming of building strength or finding peace and tranquility? Or how about both?
The class types at Senses cater to all needs. We offer various forms of yoga in Copenhagen that provide relaxation, sweat, and a strong and flexible body.


We offer:

  • Various types of yoga classes ranging from Hatha, Yin, and Restorative to Urban and Vinyasa flow.
  • Senses Reformer, where you train your strength, flexibility, and endurance.
  • Hot Yoga, where your body gets to sweat, and Senses Sauna, where you can relax and enjoy the sauna’s effective impacts on stress and sore muscles.


A unique yoga studio in Copenhagen

At Senses, we do things a little differently from other yoga studios in Copenhagen. Here, you can practice different forms of cardiovascular training alongside your yoga practice and we have a wide range of yoga classes available. Our instructors are the heart of Senses, and you can’t help but be inspired and infected by their passionated and professional approach.


Inspiring instructors

Various concepts


Dedicated members

Get variation with various classes


We have more than 150 classes to choose from each week in Senses.


Option for ongoing memberships and punch cards.

Get off to a good start

Get answers to your questions with need-to-know information about training at Senses.


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Move your body, grow your mind

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