What do our members and the press say about Senses?

Discover what our members and the press are saying about Senses. Here, you can read statements and stories from Senses members, hearing in their own words why they choose to train with us. We also regularly add links to stories from the media when they cover our training concepts or events.

Stop dig selv og dine tanker, Børsen

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“I’ve practiced yoga before, but I always found it boring. I tried Hot Yoga at Senses, and it was fantastic. It’s challenging and has many wonderful effects – peace of mind, well-being, and strength. I used to do more demanding sports, but I’ve discovered that yoga can be challenging too. Just in a gentle way. Senses introduces new training forms to the country, and it’s fun to try something new and add variety to my training. And I love the place itself, the colors, and the design at Senses. The premises are stylish with many unique details. I just love being there.”
Rebbekah Leve

Stylist, 40 years old

“Yoga is new to me. That’s why it’s important for me to feel safe. I do feel safe here. I don’t feel like just a number, and I quickly developed a personal connection to the place. It’s both comforting and motivating for my training. Senses is an aesthetic place with its interior design. It contributes to a sense of calmness and turns the workout into a luxurious experience. I’m an elite athlete and I’m impressed by the skilled instructors. The level is high. It’s not by chance that I train at Senses. I want to be a part of this place and look forward to coming down to train.”
Jette Wilhelmsen

Specialist Consultant and Elite Tennis Player, 39 years old

“Senses is inviting in every way. When you walk through the door at Senses, you’re not only greeted with aesthetics and a luxurious lounge atmosphere, but also always with smiles and positive energy. I love the variety in the classes, the friendly and competent instructors, spacious changing rooms, and good restroom and hygiene facilities. It contributes to a sense of calmness and extra enjoyment, from the moment I step through the door to when I leave. That’s why I can wholeheartedly recommend Senses.”
Mette Korsholm

Biomedical Scientist and Health Consultant


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