At Senses, yoga takes center stage

Senses is your space for tranquility, immersion, and individual training, and we aim to provide you with a positive and personal training experience. We place yoga at the core and act as your oasis in an active everyday life.

At Senses, we combine ancient yoga traditions with the latest training concepts from New York under one roof. Yoga and its philosophy form the foundation of our approach to the body and mind, and we complement it with innovative strength and conditioning classes, allowing you to vary your training and, perhaps most importantly, stay motivated.

We offer a wide range of yoga styles, from Hot Yoga to Urban Zen, as well as training concepts such as Reformer Pilates, Barre training, and Cardio Core.


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Training concepts inspired by New York

Drawing inspiration from the prominent yoga studios in New York, we are the first center in Denmark to offer the popular Barre training. It is a feminine and functional workout that combines ballet barre exercises with Pilates and yoga. The training is effective, providing long, lean muscles and the opportunity for a rapid transformation of your body shape and strength.

We also offer Senses Cardio Core, which is group training on a treadmill with an instructor. Here, we work on interval training to optimize your running form while incorporating functional exercises to maximize the benefits for your body.

The newest addition is our Senses Reformer. Reformer training can sculpt your body with an efficiency that traditional exercises or equipment cannot match.

A dynamic space for individual training and growth

Senses is more than a fitness center. We also aim to contribute positively to your life in other aspects. Therefore, we regularly organize events and workshops that can inspire you to create a healthy body and shape the life you want to live. Senses is a space for individual training, immersion, and the pursuit of inner peace.

Our class schedule is tailored to the members’ needs and is determined for two-week intervals. You can always view the current selection of classes on our website and in our app Senses-Booking.


We look forward to welcoming you.


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