A membership that suits you

You can train at Senses with a recurring membership or a punch card. With a recurring membership, you pay monthly via DIBS, and you don’t have to worry about expiration dates or renewal. A punch card is valid for a limited number of classes, which must be used within the card’s expiration date.

See the options for both memberships and prices below. You can purchase your membership online through the webshop.

If you’re interested in an event or a special program, please read more about the price and registration in the event description under Events & News (Events & Nyheder).


Recurring DIBS Memberships

Unlimited training, one or two classes per week, or only daytime classes on weekdays – find the membership that suits you and let the payment run automatically through your payment card.

All DIBS memberships are without binding and enrolment fees. You have the option to terminate a recurring membership with a notice of the current month plus one month, and you can put it on hold for up to three months for a fee of 149 kr.

Since the price of memberships varies depending on the studio’s size, please see the price in the webshop under the respective studio or below.

Take 1 Class per Week

If you’re unable to commit to regular training more than once a week on average, then this membership is perfect for you. You still have the flexibility to train twice in one week and skip another week, as long as it’s within the same month.



Price all studios: 425 kr.

Price Vesterbro: 389 kr.

Price Nørrebro: 349 kr.

Price Frederiksberg: 299 kr.

Take 2 Classes per Week

You train twice a week on average for each month without having to worry about renewal.
If your training schedule varies, for example, every other week, you can distribute your classes differently within the same month. It’s like a “flexible punch card” that renews itself every month.



Price all studios: 775 kr.

Price Vesterbro: 699 kr.

Price Nørrebro: 589 kr.

Price Frederiksberg: 539 kr.

Unlimited Training

You don’t want to think about your membership, count classes, keep track of expiration dates, remember payment or renewal.

You can purchase an unlimited membership that runs automatically – and you simply book the classes you want to train in – you can have up to six bookings at a time.



Price all studios: 925 kr.

Price Vesterbro: 799 kr.

Price Nørrebro: 699 kr.

Price Frederiksberg: 649 kr.


Train in the Morning on Weekdays

If you prefer to train in the morning on weekdays and don’t need access to our offers in the evenings, weekends, and early mornings, then this membership is perfect for you. The Morning Membership for all studios provides access to all classes from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm. The Morning Membership for Frederiksberg provides access to all classes from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 12 pm.
The membership runs automatically, and you can have up to six bookings at a time.

Price all studios: 525 kr.

Price Frederiksberg: 325 kr.



As a student, you can enjoy a special membership price. You can sign up for your membership in our webshop.
Your membership becomes active on your selected start date. However, you can only book classes from the day you present your student documentation at the reception.
With the Student Membership, you get 2 classes per week, valid in all studios.


Price 479 kr.

Punch Card for 1, 5, or 10 classes

Full flexibility to join in with the training when it fits your schedule and stay away when it doesn’t. We will miss you, of course, when you don’t drop by, but you’re not committing to more than what makes sense for you.

Punch cards with 5 and 10 punches have a validity period of six months and are valid for the specified number of classes within that period. There is no enrolment fee, even if you’re completely new to Senses. Punch cards cannot be cancelled or put on hold. A punch card is personal and therefore cannot be shared with others.


1 punch

If you’ve spotted something exciting on the schedule or if you want to get a taste of who we are, you’re always welcome to purchase a single punch for just one class, so you can participate even if you don’t have an active membership.

The price of the clip will be deducted from your first payment if you sign up for a recurring membership with us within three days of using your single clip.

The punches are valid for all 60-minute classes.

Price: 149 kr.

5 punches

If there’re classes on the schedule that you’d like to attend occasionally without committing to more right away, then a 5-punch card might be the right choice for you at the moment.

The punches are valid for all 60-minute classes.

Price: 649 kr.

10 punches

Train intensively for some weeks and perhaps not at all in others. With a 10-punch card, you can distribute your workouts as it suits you within the validity period. It’s a great way to explore whether you’re ready for a regular membership.

The punches can be used for all 60-minute classes.

Price: 1189 kr.


Add variety to your training with different classes