Four-week Barre program

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Price 1.095 kr.

Kickstart your barre training at Senses, where ballet meets yoga and pilates.


Do you dream of having more energy in your everyday life and a stronger, more flexible body? Do you need some extra motivation and structure in your training? Then Senses kickstart barre is perfect for you.

training at the barre is well-known in the world of ballet. In combination with yoga and pilates, it becomes an effective full-body strenght training. This combination makes the training fun and exciting.

On the first day of training, you will be introduced to barre training and learn the basic techniques. All exercises can be individually adjusted based on your current fitness level, and you will quickly see and feel increased strenght and endurance.

With this four-week kickstart course, you will gain structure and motivation for your training. Experienced instructors will guide you through the entire course, from start to finish, in closed groups, creating a sense of community.

During the four-week course, you will receive:

  • 2 scheduled barre classes per week
  • 2 bonus classes that you can freely book, such as reformer, yoga, or cardio core.
  • 1 bonus class for a friend.
  • Instruction from skilled and experienced instructors in a closed group.
  • Connection with the same group of people.

You will also recieve:

  • Increased strength in the muscles throughout your body
  • Techniquies to work with isolated muscle groups
  • Improved posture
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Increased mobility
  • greater endurance
  • Structure in your training
  • Healthy routines for your body and mind
  • Motivation to continue with your new habits

After the four-week course, you will be well on your way with barre training and have established healthy routines in your daily life, with a desire to continue. You can concurrently try other Senses classes and find the exact combination that works for you and keeps you motivated.

Wear comfortable, form-fitting workour cloths that allows for easy movement.

Don’t hesitate to ask the instructor if you’re unsure about something. If you have any injuries, concerns, or other issues that require special attention, please inform your instructor before the class begins.



New dates coming soon




New dates coming soon


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