Four-week Hot Yoga program

Hot Yoga course is for those who want to get started with yoga in the heated room. Join us and experience all the benefits and wonderful things that make Hot Yoga truly special.

There can be several reasons why you have hesitated to try Hot Yoga. Is it perhaps the thought of practicing in the 38-degree heated room? We understand—it can seem intimidating, but it’s fantastic. You will experience increased well-being and a whole new sense of comfort in your body.

It’s about gradually and calmly acclimating your body to the heat. Your body will reward you for your patience, and your balance and concentration will be strengthened.

Moreover, yoga is a great place to find balance for your mind. In yoga, the mind follows—the magic happens there.

Yoga in the heated room is for everyone regardless of age and ailments. However, it is not suitable for pregnant women.

The yoga taught at Senses and in this course is adapted to each individual body. We do not try to force your body into a position that does not suit you.

Our 4-week Hot Yoga course in the heated room is for those who are curious to delve into both yoga and themselves.

It is for you:

  • Who may have practiced yoga before but have never had the courage to try Hot Yoga.
  • Who needs to move your body so that it feels comfortable again.
  • Who finds it difficult to do everything on your own, even when it comes to yoga.
  • Who is ready to prioritize yourself and yoga time.
  • Who can feel that your body needs much more love, care, and pampering.
  • Who is an experienced yoga practitioner seeking community, new or different yoga paths.
  • Who wants to pamper yourself and learn how to nourish, listen to, and respect your body in your busy everyday life.
  • Who still feels somewhat new to the world of yoga and wants to immerse yourself even more.
  • Who already practices yoga but desires community and a bit of new inspiration.

Regardless of your background, we promise you a gentle introduction to Hot Yoga, and we look forward to welcoming you warmly in the heat.

Throughout this course, your body will become stronger and more flexible. You will find it easier to find calmness, relax, sleep better, and improve your concentration. That’s what yoga can offer us.

Our greatest wish and purpose with this course are to support you on the journey into the magical world of yoga—in a good way—so you can experience all the wonderful things yoga has to offer. We want to inspire you and give you the desire to continue your yoga journey far into the future.

During the 4-week course, you will receive:

  • 2 scheduled yoga classes per week.
  • Instruction from a skilled and experienced teacher in a closed and intimate group.
  • The companionship of the same group of people.
  • 2 bonus classes so you can try other Senses classes concurrently and find the exact combination that works and motivates you.
  • 1 bonus class for a friend (more information in the registration email).

Practical information:

Wear comfortable, sweat-absorbing workout attire that allows you to move freely. Bring your own mat and two towels. If you don’t have one, you can buy or rent one at the reception. Remember to bring a water bottle.

Ailments and injuries:

If you have any injuries or ailments, please talk to the instructor. If you are unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.


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