Senses Barre training

Senses Barre Training is functional training inspired by ballet, yoga, and pilates. It is effective strength training that also promotes long, lean muscles and increased flexibility. You can find barre classes on the weekly schedule.


Training at the barre is well-known in the world of ballet. In combination with yoga and pilates, it becomes an effective full-body strength training. We use the floor, mat, and barre to perform strengthening exercises with elastic bands and hand weights. We use the barre to maintain balance and stability while performing small strengthening movements with isolated muscle groups. Through these small pulsing movements, you will alternately activate and relax your muscles. In the class, you will receive effective full-body strength training through numerous repetitions, and you will develop flexibility, balance, and a good posture. Senses has brought this effective and popular training form to Denmark from the major yoga centers in New York. The training primarily takes place at the barre and consists of various isolated exercises in challenging positions accompanied by motivating music. Try a completely new form of training where rigorous ballet meets yoga and pilates. We look forward to seeing you at the barre. Who can participate? Everyone can participate. Let your instructor know if you are pregnant.


Find us

Senses has studios on Finsensvej in Frederiksberg, Ryesgade in Nørrebro, and Sommerstedgade in Vesterbro. The administration is located at the Vesterbro studio and can be contacted via email.