Senses Cardio Core & Cardio Core Floor

Senses Cardio Core & Cardio Core Floor Floor are both motivating classes with high energy.

You can find the classes on the weekly schedule.


CARDIO CORE is a combination of running/walking on the treadmill, core training, and interval training. Throughout the class, you strengthen your entire body through functional exercises alongside the treadmill, while your cardiovascular fitness is challenged on the treadmill with interval-based running and walking.

The level is based on your current fitness level, so everyone can participate and work their whole body through a varied and effective class.

*Remember to bring indoor running shoes and a towel.

Who can participate? Everyone is welcome. We adjust the level to your daily condition. Please inform your instructor if you are pregnant.


CARDIO CORE FLOOR is an up-tempo class for those who want to train cardio, strength, and mobility in a fun and effective way. The training is divided into intervals, so the different exercises are repeated in a manner that challenges yourself and raises your heart rate.

We use various equipment such as dumbbells and resistance bands and target the entire body – all to energetic music. We guarantee a sweat-inducing and upbeat atmosphere.

The exercises are scalable, so everyone can participate regardless of their fitness level. The training is done without shoes.

Find us

Senses has studios on Finsensvej in Frederiksberg, Ryesgade in Nørrebro, and Sommerstedgade in Vesterbro. The administration is located at the Vesterbro studio and can be contacted via email.