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At Senses, we offer several different styles of yoga, ranging from gentle and restorative to intense and dynamic. Below you can read about our regular classes. We often add other events to the schedule to offer even more variety for our members. The Senses schedule varies and is determined for a two-week period, so keep an eye on the current selection of yoga classes.


HATHA YOGA consists of classic yoga poses and pranayama (breathing techniques). The poses are performed with attention to the body and breath at a calm pace that everyone can follow.

In HATHA YOGA, the poses are held for several breaths, making you break a sweat and activating both major and minor muscle groups.

The body becomes stronger and more flexible, with increased range of motion. Your oxygen intake improves through breath awareness.

HATHA YOGA is for those who want to build strength and flexibility in their bodies and learn techniques that form the foundation for a safe yoga practice.

Who can participate? The class is for everyone. Please inform your instructor if you are pregnant.


RESTORATIVE YOGA is a very gentle form of yoga where the body is supported by cushions and blankets, allowing you to completely relax. We stay in passive poses for an extended period of time, turning our attention inward.

The focus of the class is to release tension in the body and mind, allowing the whole body and nervous system to calm down and let go of stress and tension. The body releases its alertness response and activates the relaxation response, allowing you to find peace and rest.

In this class, you have the opportunity to turn your energy completely inward and take a meditative break from a busy everyday life.

Who can participate? The class is for everyone including pregnant women.


YIN YOGA is a meditative, gentle, and deep practice with a focus on the breath. The pace is slow, and the poses are primarily seated and lying down, supported by yoga props such as blocks and bolsters.

You hold the poses for 3-5 minutes at a time, allowing the body to release tension and surrender. The intention is to go deep into our physical body to increase the suppleness of our connective tissues. When we go deep into the body, it also affects our mental state, giving the mind a pleasant break from daily life and stress.

Make sure to wear proper clothing to keep your body warm.

Who can participate? The class is for everyone. Please inform you instructor if you are pregnant.


URBAN YOGA is for those who live in the city, have a busy lifestyle, and a body that often remains sedentary with limited movement.

Perhaps you feel tension in your shoulders, neck, and back, or around your hips? These are the areas we specifically focus on in URBAN YOGA.

At a calm pace, URBAN YOGA rebuilds the body, making you stronger and more flexible. New neural pathways are formed, and you improve your balance and body awareness. Your body learns what good posture feels like when sitting, standing, and walking.

If you’ve been away from yoga for a long time due to illness, pregnancy, or injuries, URBAN YOGA is a calm, thorough, and effective way to get started again.

Who can participate? The class is for everyone. Please inform you instructor if you are pregnant.


URBAN ZEN is for anyone in need of loving self-care, mental clarity, and inner peace. In a world filled with external stimuli, obligations, and stress, it is necessary to have a sanctuary where we can find inner calm for a while. The class offers restorative yoga poses, gentle aromatherapy, breath awareness, and meditation.

Through gentle poses and exercises, the body finds peace, balancing the nervous system and allowing you to release tension and stress and turn your energy completely inward.

Who can participate? The class is for everyone including pregnant women.


VINYASA FLOW YOGA is dynamic and involves continuous movement. The yoga poses are guided in sync with the breath in a creative flow. You smoothly transition from one pose to another, challenging yourself with strength, balance, and coordination, while also training concentration and breath awareness.

The class concludes with cooling-down poses and ends with a guided relaxation.

Who can participate? If you are new to yoga, we recommend starting with HATHA YOGA or URBAN YOGA. Please inform your instructor if you are pregnant.

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Senses has studios on Finsensvej in Frederiksberg, Ryesgade in Nørrebro, and Sommerstedgade in Vesterbro. The administration is located at the Vesterbro studio and can be contacted via email.