Theme classes at Senses

Theme Classes in September

Here you find the theme classes that Senses offers this month. Remember to book your spot in advance.
Theme classes are included in all ongoing memberships if they fall within the timeframe of your membership. If you’re using a punch card, they cost a single punch just like regular classes.


Power Pilates | Senses Nørrebro

Saturday, September 9th and16th at 10.00 AM

On two Saturdays in September, you can try Power Pilates with Sandra. In Power Pilates, we train intensely, efficiently, and at a high pace. We focus on all the muscles in the body, with particular emphasis on the core muscles and strengthening the abdomen, pelvic floor, buttocks, back, and lower back.

Everyone can participate in Power Pilates classes, but be prepared for a fast pace, high intensity, and possibly sore muscles.


Sound bath | Senses Vesterbro

Saturday, september 16th, 23rd and 29th at 10.15 AM

Immerse yourself in the sound of gongs and other healing instruments during a one-hour sound bath guided by sound masseuse, gong player, and healing practitioner, Pernille. A sound bath is like an internal massage that provides deep relaxation, stimulates the nervous system, and releases blockages.

Everyone can participate in the sound bath; all you need to do is lie comfortably on the mat and let yourself be enveloped by sounds and vibrations that can lead you into a meditative state of deep calm in body and mind.


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