Natascha Hardt

What motivates you to teach? To enhance well-being in body and mind.

What do you emphasize in your teaching? Sensing the body and breath, shifting attention from external surroundings to inner sensations, releasing tensions to free energy, practicing presence, loving attention, and acceptance. When we practice yoga together, we are uplifted by the collective energy. There’s room to feel oneself and choose alternatives to poses. All bodies are different and constantly changing. It’s important to practice with the body you have today, right now.

What do you want members to take away from a class with you? I hope they leave the yoga room with a sense of being more alive, joyful, and energized. That they depart with the surplus to bring joy and inspiration to others, and to do what is meaningful in their daily lives and overall existence.

What do you particularly like about Senses? That there are several forms of training gathered in one place. It provides the opportunity to vary training according to needs so that it does not become one-sided. It’s good to immerse yourself in a training form, just as it’s always good to challenge the body with new movements. By varying, you train intelligently, creating new neural pathways, strengthening more muscle groups, making the body much stronger.


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Senses Sommerstedgade 5-7 1718 København V E-mail: CVR: 34465576 The reception’s opening hours vary according to the class schedule. Typically, we are closed during the middle of the day on weekdays when there are no classes.




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