Cecilie Blaksted

What do you emphasize in your teaching?

Effective training that caters to everyone regardless of their level. Whether you’re new or have been attending my classes for the past 6 years, you’ll benefit from it and remember me for a few days afterward.

What do you hope your students will take away from a class with you?

A feeling of being able to accomplish more than they thought and a boost of energy!

What do you particularly like about Senses?

It’s my second home, I love the atmosphere, and I’ve been able to shape my classes the way I want them.

What motivates you to teach?

The positive energy we all share during and after the class.


Cardio Core


Sommerstedgade 5-7
1718 København V


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Senses Sommerstedgade 5-7 1718 København V E-mail: senses@senses.dk CVR: 34465576 The reception’s opening hours vary according to the class schedule. Typically, we are closed during the middle of the day on weekdays when there are no classes.




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