Susan Søgaard

Perhaps you’ve already noticed the woman with the big curly hair somewhere in the studio? That’s Susan Søgaard, the woman behind Senses. Here you can read a bit more about her and the background of your yoga studio.

A decade ago, Susan Søgaard made a big decision. In the midst of success, she sold the fitness chain Hard Work, which she and her husband had created and operated since its inception in 1988. Susan Søgaard wanted something else and more. Without quite knowing what it was.

She knows now. With Senses, Susan Søgaard has created the yoga studio she herself missed. An exclusive studio with a focus on Hot Yoga and a wide range of yoga forms and styles. A studio with soul and personality. And the only yoga studio in Denmark where you can do cardio and strength training in the same place as you do yoga.

“My dream is to create a special place and framework for a positive training experience in inviting surroundings. When people open the door to Senses, it should ideally be with the feeling of stepping into their personal haven – a strengthening sanctuary where they feel at home and want to come to train. It’s also important for me to offer strength and conditioning training, but still with the special atmosphere of the yoga studio,” says Susan Søgaard.

Yoga is fantastic training. Also in happiness.

Senses is a business, but above all, an excuse. An excuse for Susan Søgaard to indulge in her great passions: teaching, yoga, and passing on her love for yoga to others.

“I love yoga, especially Hot Yoga. It’s a fantastic form of exercise. It’s both physical and mental training, connecting body and mind, but for me, it’s also a sort of happiness training. I simply become happy and joyful from it. Yoga also helps me feel myself better and makes me more aware of who I am and what I can do, as well as what I should and shouldn’t do,” says Susan Søgaard.

Yoga Instead of Fitness

For the past several years, Susan Søgaard has focused on her own personal and spiritual development. She has undergone several trainings, traveled to India, Nepal, and the USA, and collected plenty of inspiration and experience along the way. In reality, the long inner and outer journey has brought Susan Søgaard back to her starting point – a place where people come to train. The difference is that Hard Work and fitness have been replaced with Senses and yoga.

“It’s my own personal development and change that has led me from fitness to yoga. Senses is not just about physical training and health, but also about the search for inner peace, presence, and spirituality. We want to be more than just a training place. We also want to provide members with inspiration, knowledge, and motivation to create the life they want to live.”

Who is Susan Søgaard, too?

Where do you live?

“Mostly in Vesterbro with my husband and dog, but also a bit in New York.”

What’s your favorite yoga pose – and why?

“It’s headstand, of course. They also say it’s a free facelift… Ha ha.”

What do your girlfriends say about you – after you’ve left?

“They’re probably wondering why I bother to start over. Since I had the opportunity to live the free life without the obligations and worries that come with running a business. But I also think they’re happy that I’m following my dream anyway. And I am too…”




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