Marianne Agerskov

What do you emphasize in your teaching?
My teaching is deeply rooted in the knowledge of anatomy and physiology that forms the basis for my work, both as a yoga teacher and as a medical doctor. With respect for the philosophy of yoga and the connection between body, mind, and breath, I place great emphasis on techniques and a well-founded practice that safely assists each student, regardless of their level, to develop in exactly the direction that is needed or desired.

What do you hope your students will take away from a class with you?
My teaching is dynamic, playful, and straightforward, striking a balance between creating the peace of mind we all can use in a busy everyday life and a desire for each student to always leave my classes with a sense of care, strength, and well-being. If you are a beginner or have challenges of any kind, I am trained to tailor the practice to your specific needs. My greatest wish is for you to feel confident in your practice and in that way experience development and motivation every time you leave your yoga mat. If you are an experienced yogi craving challenges and growth, my own practice often includes dynamic flows, peak poses, arm balances, and inversions, and I love to share my enthusiasm and safely incorporate these elements into my teaching.

What do you particularly like about Senses?
At Senses, there is a passion for and a professional approach to the whole person. This is reflected in the diversity of classes, a strong focus on a high level of expertise and continuous education of instructors, the heart space for each individual student and exactly what they bring, and last but not least, a versatile and dedicated staff. In short, everyone contributes with exactly what they do best, together we are stronger, and “the sky is the limit”.

What motivates you to teach?
The universe of yoga has worked wonders in my own life, both physically and mentally. My greatest motivation is to share this practice, to provide my students with a safe space for growth, where they feel seen and are guided safely and lovingly towards development and more well-being, starting exactly from where they are.


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