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Sherwin Reyes

What do you emphasize in your teaching?
I emphasize flow, technique, and creating an atmosphere where students feel relaxed enough to laugh, all while working seriously.

What do you hope your students will take away from a class with you?
The feeling of being good in their own bodies and minds. I want them to experience the “same” feeling I get after an amazing class, feeling nourished on all levels.

What do you particularly like about Senses?
The colleagues, the students, and that we serve tea. I love that there’s such a variety of styles to choose from, but particularly that Senses is a ‘yoga studio and more’. This adds a different quality to the place, inviting a connection between the mental and physical. This approach is something I take with me, whether it’s reformer, barre, or cardio core, which I teach. So, it’s important that we take the time to ground the body before building up to a sweaty session.

What motivates you to teach?
What motivates me to teach is my love for movement and being in an environment where students and colleagues are fantastic. I find it wonderful to share my joy for movement and knowledge with a lot of people, while also continuously evolving myself. This involves learning to analyze different bodies based on their experiences, history, etc. This way, I can better understand how to take care of my students and at the same time challenge them to grow.




Cardio Core




Sommerstedgade 5-7
1718 København V


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Senses Sommerstedgade 5-7 1718 København V E-mail: CVR: 34465576 The reception’s opening hours vary according to the class schedule. Typically, we are closed during the middle of the day on weekdays when there are no classes.




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