Elisabeth Landgrebe

What do you emphasize in your teaching?
It’s important for me that everyone feels seen and met in my classes, and that students have the freedom to listen to their own bodies and unfold through the practice. I emphasize creating a connection between the body, breath, and mind, and I hope to convey a sense of physical and mental strength, acceptance, and appreciation.

What do you hope your students will take away from a class with you?
It means a lot to me to create a safe space and a relaxing atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable, and where the practice can be a stress-relieving and self-loving element in their daily lives. I’m reminded of why I teach when students talk about both the physical and especially the mental benefits yoga can bring them. It might be the feeling of getting closer to what matters to them, gaining perspective, or cultivating gratitude. That, for me, is the greatest gift of teaching.

What do you particularly like about Senses?
The fact that the instructors are passionate and dedicated to what they do, as part of a larger team.

What motivates you to teach?
What motivates me is being able to guide others into an immersive practice where they can find peace, presence, and time for themselves. I appreciate how through yoga; students have the opportunity to experiment and explore movement and establish a connection with their body and mind.


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