Heidi Rasmussen

What do you emphasize in your teaching?

I place great emphasis on technique, joy, understanding, and presence in my teaching. I want to see each and every person in the class and to uplift and support my students. I want to send them out well-equipped for their lives.

What do you hope your students will take away from a class with you?

They should have a positive experience on all levels, determined by the type of class they are attending. I want them to gain a better understanding of their bodies, so they can feel their limitations or possibilities and be grateful for them. They should ideally leave with joy and a sense of upliftment.

What do you particularly like about Senses?

I feel at home and like I belong here. There’s a wonderful atmosphere and skilled, as well as inspiring colleagues. The facilities are great, with lovely rooms; some of the studios are absolutely fantastic to teach in. There are fantastic participants and a wide variety of classes to suit every taste.

What motivates you to teach?

My passion for everything related to the body and mind, and the passion to help and guide others along the way. I derive a lot of joy from it, and I enjoy uplifting people and helping them feel better about themselves.






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Sommerstedgade 5-7
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Senses Sommerstedgade 5-7 1718 København V E-mail: senses@senses.dk CVR: 34465576 The reception’s opening hours vary according to the class schedule. Typically, we are closed during the middle of the day on weekdays when there are no classes.




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