Mia Hjorth

What do you emphasize in your teaching?

My goal as a teacher is to provide students with a safe, open, precise, and fun instruction where they can immerse themselves, challenge themselves, and develop both physically and mentally. In my teaching, I often focus on creating calmness, presence, and joy through music, my voice, and giving students time to feel their bodies in each yoga pose – including the more challenging ones.

What do you hope your students will take away from a class with you?

I want students to take away whatever they need – whether it’s listening more to themselves, diving deeper, being playful and experimental, or something entirely different.

What do you particularly like about Senses?

Senses is innovative in the sense that it continually offers variation and flexibility in training through different forms of yoga and training concepts. This allows me to develop as a yoga teacher by participating in Senses’ various courses and workshops.

What motivates you to teach?

I’m motivated by seeing, feeling, and hearing about what yoga does for students both during and after a yoga class, as well as after several yoga classes. I love the calmness, presence, and joy I sense in students during and after a session, and I also enjoy watching them move from one yoga pose to another and experimenting with new ways of arranging and performing the poses.


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